Unknown Movie Night (Jurassic Park) was recorded before a live audience in the backyard of Dangerbird Records/AKP Recordings on a breezy summer night in 2018. The choice of movie on this particular evening was of course Spielberg’s 1993 classic Jurassic Park. This event was part of an ongoing event series called Unknown Movie Night the group has been putting on since 2016. The “unknown” aspect of each of these events is that neither audience nor musicians know what movie will be shown until it begins. In this way the audience and the band, together, discover the score, and with it a new interpretation of the visual piece. “With Unknown Movie Night, the film becomes the conductor,” says Peter Walker, “and we musicians follow its lead in establishing a roadmap for collective improvisation.” A small crowd of people took seats along the yard's concrete surfaces and garden foliage as the sun set and the evening event unfolded.